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The University of Toledo requires that all incoming students (freshmen and transfer), and all students residing in residence halls, provide official documentation of having had two MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella) immunizations.

This documentation can be obtained from one of the following:
- A copy of the student's immunization record
- A copy of the student's baby book
- A copy of the student's high school documentation (obtained directly from the high school)
- Military records
- A statement on letterhead from the student's physician with the dates of two immunizations

If unable to upload your measles, mumps, and rubella documentation on this site, you may fax your immunization documents for verification to 419.530.3499. Should you have any questions, please contact the Main Campus Medical Center at 419.530.3451.

Students unable to receive immunizations due to medical, religious, or cultural reasons should contact the Main Campus Medical Center at 419.530.3451 regarding the completion of the following form:   Click Here for Declination Form     The form can be faxed to 419.530.3499

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